How to Determine Your Wholesale Fabric Needs Before Placing Your Order

If you are in the midst of designing a new costume, wardrobe or even refurbishing a new couch for your living room or office, and recently made the decision to order wholesale fabric online, you are probably wondering what the best methods for ordering your product are. After all, due to your inability to test out fabrics prior to making purchasing, it can be difficult to know that the wholesale fabric you have selected is exactly what you need for your upcoming design project. If you are currently dealing with this situation, we have a few key pointers to offer you in terms of ordering and helping you to reduce the potential for making any mistakes once it is placed. Read more great facts on  spandex , click here. 

When you begin with your order, it is critical that you have a good idea what type of texture, color and weight you will need for your design project. In order to understand this, it would be a great idea to have a concept or blueprint of your design, whatever it may be, already mapped out. That way you can follow your blueprint as a guideline for selecting the most optimal texture, pattern, print, and color. If you are not familiar with the textures available on the fabric market right now, you are encouraged to go to the store and take a look for yourself. Just know, if you plan to purchase in bulk, it is best to refrain from paying retail prices, and instead, feel textures at the local store, and buy in bulk online. This will help cut your project costs a tremendous amount. A few of the textures you should look into are as follows: linen, cotton, satin, silk, velvet, wool, denim and so forth. Find out for further details  on  fabric wholesaler right here. 

You will then need to determine what size and length of fabric you need. In other words, what are the dimensions of your fabric? Know that some wholesale distributors will not be able to supply you with the fabric you need, and therefore it works in your best interest to have a great understanding of your fabric needs ahead of time.

In addition, take time to research the various wholesale fabric distributors available to you, and determine their credibility, prior to placing an order. Look into their return policy, and how they accept payments and handle exchanges, as this can come in handy if you are dissatisfied with your product.